When Evolution Played Against Joints

by Jsantos, October 16, 2012

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h1>Evolution against joints

Under the logic that defines evolution, men come from the improvements great apes made from rustic to smarter brained animals… all hell broke lose when we started to realize all the things we could do. All the things we could think.

However, we never though evolution could play against

one of our most appreciated joints: The Knee!

Being fruits from trees one of our main food sources, humans “decided” to leave the four points support system created between arms and legs and left the latter with the responsibility to maintain balance and translation. Now, and unlike Tyrannosaurus Rex”s quadriceps, there is no evidence that suggests our muscles and joint systems improved dramatically to compensate weight management.

Millions of years later, we enter a new society of men. Sedentary lives surviving on technology products, engineered foods, mass consumption, mass production, Internet… The knees supporting more weight than they ever imagine. Playing the entertaining sports the always dream about.

[box]Result: accelerated degenerative knees affecting adults of all ages.[/box]

On the opposite side, medicine have evolved into better procedures that enable humans continue their normal lives. Knee replacements are a wonderful solution to the pain generated by cartilage and bone decay. Obviously nothing will replace our own knee. Therefore, avoiding high impact sports, stretching, good eating habits and exercise like swimming are recommended.

If we would walk on our four extremities maybe we couldn’t write this article. However, we also couldn’t perceive the world the way we do every time we stand. Yeah, It is possible to state evolution doesn’t always play the best card. It didn’t for the knee. But they can always rely on our capacities to survive our own weaknesses.

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