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Have you given up a favorite sport due to chronic pain in a joint such as your hips, knees or shoulders? Maybe you too can get back in the generic cialis 5mg games you love!

Carl Nipp - Testimonials - Dr. Leon Mead - Naples
“I researched extensively before choosing Dr. Mead for my second hip replacement surgery. His minimally invasive technique is truly amazing. His follow-up care and the rehab crew were excellent! I was back playing golf very quickly. I’ve referred over 20 of my friends since and they’re also very pleased with their results.” Carl Nipp

“The knee pain I had is gone! I play tennis 3-5 times a week! Thank-you!” Caroilne Stuart-Jervis
Caroilne Stuart-Jervis - testimonials - Dr. Leon Mead - Naples

Del Palmer - Testimonials - Dr. Leon Mead - Naples
“Before finding Dr. Mead, I’d had 3 hip operations. There were problems. Now, after Dr. Mead, I’m very happy to say my hips are pain free and I feel like my ‘younger’ self again.” Del Palmer

“It was just a split second twist when I turned to pass in a pick-up football game, but I tore my ACL pretty badly. Between Dr. Mead and his rehab crew, my knee is completely repaired and healed.” Jackson ‘Mac’ Strong
Jackson 'Mac' Strong - Testimonials - Dr. Leon Mead - Naples

Bob Tarrantino - Testimonials - Dr. Leon Mead - Naples
“My left knee now feels solid as a rock! I have no problems generating power teeing off. It’s great!” Bob Tarrantino