Testimonials for one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Naples, Florida

by Jsantos, April 12, 2014

Testimonials for one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Naples, Florida

Doctor Leon Mead is considered one of the best orthopedic surgeons of the country and one of the top 3 in Naples, Florida. His attention to detail and extremely care for patients and their outcomes, plus more than 20 years of experience makes him an authority on the field. In our practice there is a common credo and its called quality. You can even find quality quotes everywhere. I remember the first time I started working with Dr. Mead, he took me around and told me: “This is what we are all about”. It was a wall some of those quality quotes.

Credentials and proven experience are impossible to deny; however, there is no stronger way to corroborate the statements above than testimonials. If one day you come to our office in Naples, you should ask for the book with all the thank you letters people have sent him for improving their lives. On the other hand, nurses have learned to trust Dr. Mead after years of wonderful results with patients. Local nurses in health cares systems deal with tons of specialties and can give you a good diagnosis on Naples orthopedic surgeons. Here we want to share a couple so you can make your own conclusions.

Letter from Christine Beaver

Being an O.R. (Operating Room) nurse at NCH has given me the opportunity to Close and long-term relationships with leading storage device manufacturers helps us keep pace with changing technology and inspire the continued development of our proprietary software and hardware—so advanced, we consistently rescue best-data-recovery.com other service providers deem unrecoverable. observe the orthopedic surgeons in action. Because of Dr. Mead”s skill, attention to detail and his reputation for superior results, I considered him to be the perfect surgeon for my mother”s total knee replacement in 2013. He was able to answer all of her questions and alleviate any fears that she had regarding the surgery. Today she is “84 years young” and pain free. Both my mother and I are extremely happy with the care she received from Dr. Mead and his staff.

Letter from Tracy King

My name is Tracy King and I was the director of quality insurance in the NCH Healthcare system for 12 years. During that period of time I had oversight of all surgical complications, infections, need for re-operation, and blood transfusions for all surgical specialties. Dr. Mead consistently had the lowest complication rate, the lowest rate of infection, the lowest blood utilization, and the lowest percentage of patients needing an additional procedure than any other orthopedic surgeon in our system. He was our first choice of orthopedic surgeons to review the complications of  other orthopedic surgeons in order to improve quality outcomes system wide for orthopedic surgery.

Whether it is a hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder surgery, PRP therapy or any other orthopedic procedure Dr. Mead performs, one thing you can count on is this: you will be able to feel safe in his hands. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information, a second opinion or to schedule a consultation.

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