Sports Medicine: Is Cardiovascular Work Necessary?

by Jsantos, November 5, 2013

Sports Medicine Information: Is Cardiovascular Work Necessary? Myths Busted (Part 1)

Some individuals with a well-defined interest in exercise view the need for and the benefits of aerobic training with a heightened skepticism. To a degree, their misgivings about whether to get seriously involved in aerobic training are rooted in the wealth of misinformation about the “how’s” and “why’s” of training your heart-lung complex as there are individuals willing to advance an opinion on the subject. Realistically, before most people will be able to make a firm personal commitment to engage in a sound aerobic training program, they must be able to separate fact from fiction regarding aerobic fitness. The following twelve beliefs relating to aerobic fitness appear to be among the most common myths.

Myth Number 1: Aerobic fitness is not important for everyone

Everyone needs to be able to efficiently take oxygen into their lungs and blood and pump it to their working muscles where it is utilized to oxyde carbohydrates and fats to produce energy. If you are concerned about your health, particularly the risk of heart disease, you need to accept the fact that aerobic training can have a critical effect on the quantity and quality of your life.

Myth Number 2: All time spent exercising aerobically would be better used in the weight room

Aerobic fitness is among the most preventives medicines available. How strong you are, how well sculpted your body is, and how good you feel about yourself will not be sufficient consolation to you if you become seriously ill. While muscular fitness is certainly important, aerobic fitness is essential. No logical justification exists regarding why you should compromise you health. Make time for both components of fitness.

Myth Number 3: Aerobic training improves only the heart-lung complex, not your muscles

In fact, your muscles are the primary target organ of aerobic training. Aerobic training increases the muscles’ ability to use fat as a source of energy. It also increases the size and number of cellular  units that produce energy aerobically. It also increases the levels of specific enzymes in your muscles that are required for the aerobic transformation of “fuels” into energy. When you consider how aerobic training improves the condition and efficiency of your breathing muscles and your heart, it is little wonder that relative to aerobic fitness, “muscles do matter”.

Myth Number 4: More is better when it comes to aerobic training

Research shows that an aerobic exercise program that exceeds more than four 45-minute sessions per week has a limited effect on improving your aerobic capacity. You burn up more calories if you aerobically exercise more, but you won’t necessarily wind up with a heightened level of aerobic fitness. In addition, exercising aerobically more than  1.5 hour per week may be counterproductive, if your goal is to maximize your level of muscle mass.

Myth Number 5: The best aerobic exercise is running

The best aerobic exercise for you is the one you enjoy, one that is safe for you, and one that you will perform on a regular basis. One person’s trash is another individual’s treasure. Pick an aerobic activity that you personally like stair climbing, treadmill, swimming, etc., and make it a regular part of your workout regimen.

Myth Number 6: Aerobic exercise is expensive

Your body, except for your feet, has no concern about what you wear when you train aerobically. If you are into running, you need good shoes. Except for shoes, everything else can come inexpensive. Many aerobic activities require little to no equipment. You may, however, have to become a member of a fitness club that has a pool or independent stair climbing machines if non-impact aerobic exercise is your preferred mode of training.

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