Naples ACL Reconstruction

by Jsantos, January 9, 2014

Naples ACL Reconstruction

One of the main procedures our orthopedic surgeon in Naples, Dr. Leon Mead, performs is ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstructions.

An ACL reconstruction is a surgery created to rebuild the ligament in the center of the knee to a new ligament. Basically, the anterior cruciate ligament keeps the shinbone in place. A rupture of this ligament may cause the knee to loose its stability during physical activities.

Normally, the patient receives general anesthesia before the surgery. That means you will be asleep and will not feel any pain or discomfort. Sometimes, other types of anesthesia are used during ACL reconstructions.

The tissue that will replace the damaged ACL will come from your own body or a donor’s. A donor is somebody who have died and decided to donate his body to help others. When the tissue comes from your body is called auto-graft. The two most common places where tissue is extracted are the knee cap (patella) and the knee pit tendons.

The procedure normally requires a knee arthroscopy, where a small camera enters the knee trough a minimal incision. The camera is then connected to a monitor where the orthopedic surgeon will be able to visually check all the ligaments and knee tissues.

Then the doctor will do other minimal incisions to introduce the necessary medical instruments required to fix the injury. In some cases it is possible for the orthopedic surgeon to actually find other unseen injuries. This will be fixed during the procedure.

Like we showed you in the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction video filmed in our Naples surgery center by Dr. Mead, the surgery follows these steps:

  • A reamer is used to remove the injured ligament
  • If your own tissue is going to be used, the surgeon will make a bigger incision to extract the tissue
  • Then he makes tunnels inside the bone to use the new tissue, replacing the old one
  • Finally, the doctor will fixate the new ligament to the bone using screws and other devices. During the healing process, the tunnels will fill themselves securing the new ligament

At the end of the surgery, incisions will be closed with sutures and cover with dressings.

If you suffer and ACL injury and decide not to treat it, you can cause yourself a bigger tissue damage and develop early arthritis. An ACL reconstruction is recommendable when the following issues arise:

  • Unstable knee or a loosen knee sensation during physical activities
  • Knee pain
  • Becoming unable to continue practicing sports and/or other activities
  • Damages in other surrounding ligaments

Before you decide to go for surgery, you must learn and understand the time and effort you will need in order to recover. After the surgery, you need to commit yourself to a therapy program for 4 to 6 weeks before you return to full activity. The success of an ACL reconstruction greatly depends on the rehabilitation program.

If you are in Naples or are planning to visit the city and want to learn more about our orthopedic surgeon, Leon Mead MD, his success rates and any other questions you may have regarding ACL reconstructions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will promptly respond with all the information you need.



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