Benefits of a Knee Replacement

by Jsantos, November 1, 2012

Benefits of a Knee Replacement

Knees carry a lot of stress and that”s a reality we can”t ignore.

Since they do so much work, it is normal for them to decay with time and finally fail. Knee problems, when they become chronic, can be quite painful. So strong it can immobilize you completely. When the anatomy of the knee can no longer sustain the body without pain, a

knee replacement should be considered. Patients at the beginning might feel scare to go under the knife, but once they do it, they feel the relief right away.

If this is your case, take a look at the following information:

Knee replacement surgeries fall under two categories: total and partial. The type of procedure your doctor recommends will be based on the severity of the knee damage. Total replacement surgery or Arthroplasty involves replacing all knee compartments. This includes the interior, lateral or outside knee and as well as the patellofemoral compartment which is the front part. Unicondylar knee replacement or partial surgery, on the other side, only replaces the affected area.

So, what are the benefits then?

Knee Surgery Benefits

  • Reduction of knee pain. By now, you are already aware of just how painful and uncomfortable knee damage feels. Knee replacement significantly reduces this pain giving you more independence to comfortably go about your daily activities.
  • Drastic improvement on motion. Though your artificial knee is not going to be as good as the real thing, it will improve your motion range. Limited mobility due to pain will be reduced dramatically giving you the opportunity  to perform movements you where unable to.
  • Enhanced ability to enjoy life

    and many activities. You will be able to enjoy life better since you can partake in more activities. This goes a long way in improving your overall life quality. You will still need to take care of your new knee by avoiding activities that put a lot of pressure on it.

  • Rectification of the deformity. One of the best things about having a knee surgery is deformity elimination. This means basically that you do not have to depend on painkillers anymore. A huge benefit considering the potential side effects of long term medication treatments.

Now, every case is unique. That”s why is always important to have a doctor asses yours in order to recommend the best solution. If you have any questions, don”t hesitate to contact our office and we”ll be glad to assist you the best way we can.



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