Why a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

by Jsantos, November 23, 2012

Why a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

More and more, orthopedic specialists are starting to use platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP, as they are dinging quite a few clinical applications for it. PRP is not a new technology. It first came into use in the 1970s, but the medical and technological advancements over the past few decades have made quite a difference. In the beginning, they were only able to use the therapy in hospital settings. Today, however, it is possible to use them in outpatient settings and even doctor’s offices and clinics. While there are differing opinions on PRP therapy, it does seem to show quite a bit of promise, which is why a number of doctors are using it today. It helps to understand a bit about this type of therapy though to see how it might be beneficial to you.

What is PRP?

Platelet rich plasma therapy helps to heal and regenerate soft tissues in the tendons and ligaments, and many an orthopedic doctor finds the therapy quite useful. When someone receives an injury to the joints or tendons, they can actually bleed internally, which causes the appearance of bruising. Blood flow to the affected area can help to heal it, as the blood carries platelets that allow for better healing of the tissue. They create new collagen fibers that the ligaments and tendons need. However, this healing process does not always work quite so easily, and a scar could develop rather than healthy tissue. This means less blood flow. In fact, it could cause something of a blockage. The tissue is not going to heal properly in these cases. This is where an orthopedic doctor may choose to try PRP therapy.

With PRP treatment, the doctor will draw the patient’s own blood, and then use a centrifuge to spin and separate the platelets and essentials for proper healing. The result is platelet rich plasma. Because they

do not add anything else to the mixture, there is not going to be any risk of an allergic reaction. It really is more of a natural way to utilize the body’s own healing powers to help heal these types of injuries.

Thanks to the use of new and better ultrasound technology, it is possible for the

orthopedic doctor to pinpoint the exact area to inject the platelets. This means that the therapy today is better and more useful than when it was first introduced, thanks to better technologies. It is actually quite popular in Europe right now, and a number of physicians in the United States are making use of it. The safety, simplicity, and naturalness of the procedure help to make it more popular.

Useful for Many Areas of the Body

Doctors are using PRP therapy for many different areas of the body, including the foot and ankle, the knee, the thigh, the shoulder, and the elbow. While PRP therapy might not be the solution for all of these types of healing issues, it can be a great option for many. It might be something that you want to discuss with your orthopedic doctor.

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