MIS Total Hip Replacement

by Jsantos, January 9, 2015

MIS Total Hip Replacement

The following is an excerpt from one of Dr. Mead’s talk about arthritis. As an orthopedic doctor eminence, Dr. Mead is always sharing the experience he has gathered throughout 20 plus years with his peers in order to improve the field and the experience of patients.

What is minimally invasive surgery?

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery is intended to reduce disruption and damage to muscles and soft tissues during surgery as much as possible to improve and accelerate the recovery experience
  • MIS may facilitate optimal healing and can lead to faster and easier rehab, thus allowing patients to get back to activities of daily living sooner

Are you a candidate for a MIS Total Hip Replacement?

  • An examination and evaluation will determine if you are a candidate for an MIS procedure vs. a standard total hip replacement
  • The examination and evaluation are basically the same as those used to determine if you are a candidate for a standard total hip replacement

MIS vs. Standard Total Hip Replacement

  • The MIS hip procedure involves a 5- 6” incision, about 1/3 casino online the size of the standard 8 -12” incision commonly used in standard THR
  • Special instrumentation used in MIS allows the smaller incision
  • The exact same joint prostheses are implanted as those used in a standard total hip replacement

Standard Total Hip Replacement

  • 10 -12” incision
  • 4 – 5 day hospital stay
  • Ambulating with a walker for 3 – 6 weeks
  • Back to work in 3 months
  • Full recovery in 6 -12 months

MIS Total Hip Replacement

  • Potential for:
    • 5 – 6” incision
    • 2 day hospitalization
    • Return to sedentary work 1 – 2 weeks
    • Less pain / better gait
  • Requires special instruments to ensure that the implants are positioned correctly through the small incision
  • Requires a surgeon experienced with MIS procedure


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